Eight Exhibition Essentials

1. Be clear on what you want – set objectives with measurable targets:

• Business leads?

• Database contacts?

• Increased brand awareness?

• Networking opportunities?

• Sales?

• Supplier contacts?

2. First impressions count – so make sure your stand looks professional. Use banners to create impact…but don’t be tempted to fill all the available space with information. Keep the copy short and simple with important details at eye level.

3. Provide more detailed information about your products or services with leaflets, catalogues and handouts.

4. Don’t forget the essentials – take a stationery box with useful items, e.g. pens, notepad, scissors, sticky tape, stapler, business cards.

5. Attract attention – draw people to your stand by offering free gifts, samples or a prize draw.

6. Collect contact details of everyone who expresses an interest in your business.

7. Review – the exhibition is over and the stand is packed away, so now is a good time to review what worked well, what didn’t work so well and how you could do better next time. Make a note and keep for next time.

8. Follow up and deliver – make sure you follow up on all the leads you worked so hard for and deliver on any promises you made.

If you need some help with planning an exhibition stand or event, contact us: jackie@bluejmarketing.co.uk

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