Summer Holidays…a welcome break or a business nightmare?

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We all love the holiday season…but If your business has a bad case of summer flu, we have some tips to help improve your immunity system. 

Whether you’re reading this on the beach (shame on you!) or stuck in the office covering for staff on holiday, chances are that the summer season will have had some kind of impact on your business.
Will you be expecting a sharp down turn again in September?
Or are you scratching for sales because all your customers are on holiday?
Do you find your annual sales graph is full of peaks and troughs?

Three tips to avoid the seasonal sales slump

If this year’s summer break isn’t proving to be as relaxing as you’d hoped, start planning now to make the most of the Autumn and pre-Christmas sales. 

  • Analyse: Analyse your annual sales figures to identify seasonal trends. What caused  those peaks and troughs?
  • Research: Research your market. Examine buying patterns. Look for opportunities. Is there a seasonal use for your product or service that you’re not currently exploiting?
  • Plan: Use the quiet holiday period to start planning for the rest of this year. Create a marketing calendar utilising special offers; discounts; competitions; vouchers; PR; advertising; events; social media. Use your planning to encouraging purchase during quiet periods as well as maximising sales during peak times.

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